Transfer private clinics Switzerland

Your comfort on board our VTC, a priority for Allego

You need to go to a Swiss private clinic ? Would you like to use a company whose services have proven their reliability ? Think of Allego's VTC ! You are sure to arrive on time to receive your care thanks to the reservation system. Your loved ones can of course accompany you in this moment, we adapt to your requests. You can also benefit from the best services on board such as ultra-comfortable seats, beverage distribution and advice or recommendations from your driver if needed. He is there to accompany you throughout your trip so don't hesitate to ask him ! We know that a stay in a clinic can be stressful, that's why all the means are put in place to ensure that you can relax before your arrival in Switzerland.

Your insured transfer to Swiss private clinics

Regardless of the canton in which your private clinic is located, Allego will take care of your transportation : Providence Hospital in Neuchâtel, Klinik Beau-Site private hospital in Bern, Cecil Clinic in Lausanne, Maisonneuve private clinic in Geneva. The landscapes to admire in Switzerland are numerous and can contribute to your peace of mind until your destination. Your driver knows in all cases the best ways to get there and can help you change your mind during your trip if you wish. We would be delighted to have your confidence in us.

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