General terms of sales

1 Object of the service

Allego supplies to his (her) customers, private individuals or professionals, a people transport service on reservation by sedan, wagon, van, minibus, etc with driver.
Service: Transport charged since the Allego HQ to the coverage place until the destination.
We understand by customer every legal or physical entity who concludes the contract of transport.
We understand by passenger or traveler every person reaching physically the Allego services.
We understand by driver every person employed by the Allego company to make the service of transport.

2 Accesses to the service

The customers wishing to use the services of the Allego company have to make the request by phone : +33 (0)4 50 11 18 48. The pre-booking can also be made by internet on our website: or by email at
The reservation is required to access to our vehicles.
A reservation number will be communicated to you during your order confirmation. The acces to our services means a whole acceptance without reserve of our general terms of sale.

3 Rates

The rate is establish while we receipt the complete geographical information, pick-up time and drop off informations too. Every details are communicated during the confirmation.
The chosen way will be defined according to the « fastest way » by browser softwares.
Every begun kilometer is due.
The rate is communicated TTC with the rate of applicable country VAT, that is 10% or 20% for an hourly service.
Any additional stop on the way will be charged 15€ (+10% VAT) .
In case of prolonged stops, and according to the availability of the driver, a 15€ (+10% VAT) extra per minute will be charged.
Allego reserves the right to modify the price list without advance notice.

4 Terms of payment

The payment has to be done directly to the driver before departure. It has to be done by Bank Card or by cash.
Companies can benefits from particular terms of payment. A weekly invoicing will be edited, resuming all the services made over this period. The payment will be made at the invoice reception and can exceed on no account 30 days from the date of issue. Any invoice not settled in reception will see applying a penalty of an equal amount to ten times the legal interest rate

5 Waiting time conditions of drivers

It is of the responsability of the customer to plan the time required for his (her) travel, the possible hazards, and to respect necessarily the punctuality of the meeting. Without a pick-up time defined in advance by the customer during the reservation, Allego reserves the right to define one by itself, but would not be held responsible in case of delay until the drop off area.
About pick-up from Companies/Offices/Hotel/Restaurants/Concert halls/Places of residence, 10 minutes waiting are included, beyond this, every 1/4 an hour started is due, the rate is a 15€ (+10% VAT) by 1/4 an hour. Crossed a reasonable deadline of 30 minutes, and without notice from the customer, the driver is released from his (her) obligation of transport and considers the reservation cancelled. The service booked by the customer will be fully charged, including the attached expenses of wait.
For pick-up at Airport area and train stations, a 30 minutes waiting is included from the schedule of coverage fixed during the reservation. Beyond this, every 1/4 an hour started is due, the rate is a 40€ (+10% VAT) by 1/4 an hour from the initial schedule of coverage. In case of customer call to announce a delay but to confirme his (her) transport needed, a 40 euros (+10% VAT) / hour rate will be charged to the original rate, subject to the availability of the new desired pick-up time.

6 Cancellations

Any cancellation must be made as soon as possible.
In case of cancellation for the vehicles from 1 to 7 places passengers:
- Until 3 days before departure date, no cancellation fee
- 2 days before departure date, 50% of the rate will be charged
- From 1 day before departure date, 100% of the rate will be charged

In case of cancellation for the vehicles furthermore of 7 passengers: 

- Until 3 days before departure date, no cancellation fee
- Lower from 3 days before departure date, 100% of the rate will be charged

In case of cancellation for services involving several transfers, (events (weddings, seminars...), organized trips...)):
Up to 3 days before the theoretical departure date, no cancellation fee. Less than 3 days before the theoretical departure date, 100% of the booked service will be charged. The 50% deposit paid to validate the reservation will not be refunded.

For services booked and paid in advance by booking intermediaries (agencies, platforms, etc.), the payment is not refundable within 14 days before the date of the 1st transport, except in exceptional circumstances where the reservation is cancelled by Allego.

7 Responsability

Any complaint is acceptable only if it is expressed by letter with AR sent to the office of Allego in the working eight days after the date of the service. Allego makes a commitment to operate everything to assure the transport of the passengers in the best conditions of deadlines and safety. Allego cannot be held responsible for delay in case of “reason of force majeure” connected to hazards of traffic or meeting missed because of incomplete or not specified address, or to give rise in any compensation. It is up to the customer to plan the time required for his (her) transport and to fit out this one according to the possible hazards of transport.
Allego is guaranteed by a notable insurance company which covers the risks connected to this activity. The passengers, third towards the driver, are covered for the physical, material and immaterial injury which they could undergo during a traffic accident, since the rise aboard the vehicle (the whole body being in the vehicle) until their descent (the whole body being outside of the vehicle), except for damage caused by his (her, their) fault.
In case of damages on the equipment or on/in the vehicle by the passengers, any restoration or change of the material (equipment), whatever are the causes, will be charged to the customer.

8 Luggage

In case of luggage of a weight upper to 5 Kg by passenger, it is essential to mention it during the reservation.
Luggage and their contents are not under the responsibility of Allego, in particular for the values or the fragile objects, either during the change, or during the transport. Allego disclaims all liability for personal effects forgotten in cars. The total volume of luggage should not exceed 40 Kg.

9 Safety of the transport

The drivers have to circulate in the respect for the « code de la route ». The passengers have to respect the following safety regulations: smoking ban, to drink some alcohol or to eat during the transport. It is also forbidden to transport flammable, toxic, explosive, corrosive products, and more generally any prohibited substance. It is forbidden to remove the seat belt, to stir, to speak to the driver, or to have any attitude susceptible to damage the safety of the crew and the third parties.
The failure to respect these bans engages the responsability of the customer and the passenger. Allego then reserves the right to use quite typical of recourse, amicable or contentious, which will seem necessary. Allego reserves the right to modify the way or to cancel the transportation if the safety of the passengers or the driver are not guaranteed, without compensations or possible refunds.

10 Disputes

The present General Terms of Sale are subjected to the french law. The commercial court of Annecy is the competent only one to consider quite various commercial or contesting.

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